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Responsible for sales and key accounts. Seasoned manager in international corporations such as Wolters Kluwer, Sanoma Group, VNR Verlag für Deutsche Wirtschaft. Speaks fluent English (C1) and German (B2).

Jakub Orczyk

Member of the Board // Head of Sales
(+48) 660 725 994

Since 2009, Michał has been responsible for customer service and sales. Identifying clients' needs and working hard to satisfy them is his main objective. Business Development Manager & Project Manager. Passionate about productivity and new solutions. He optimizes even coffee brewing.

Michał Ratyński

Project Manager // Business Development Manager
(+48) 697 177 777


Łukasz is heading the implementation of vm.pl strategy, based on creating high quality software based on agile principles. Partnership, openness to talk, feedback, transparency – these are the traits he values most in his employees and partners

Łukasz Borzęcki

Chief Executive Officer // Head of Development
(+48) 697 070 848

Involved in vm.pl since its very beginning. Currently, in charge of all things legal and formal in the company. Deals with public procurments and finanses. Values order and safety, above all.

Waldemar Żygadło

Member of the Board // Head of Finance
(+48) 697 070 682

Anna is all about creativity and she incorporates the out-of-the-box approach in recruitment and Employer Branding. Extroverted and dreaming of saving the planet. She loves creating new jobs and business opportunities from scratch, matching them with the best talent and admiring the bloom. She loves technology and magic – which for her are sometimes one and the same thing. Also, she rocks! Pretty Loud! On the stage.

Anna Svetozarov

IT Recruitment & Business Development Consultant
(+48) 783 783 202

Accomplished content editor and Project Manager in IT and publishing projects for Pearson, Macmilann, LektorKlett, Sanoma Group. Currently a very busy office manager. Fascinated by agile approach to projects and... life. Speaks English and Polish. Avid reader and cyclist.

Małgorzata Kolaczek

Administration // Board Assistant
(+48) 71 341 76 40


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