About us

Vm.pl is a leader on the publishing and educational market with the key specialization
in creating and delivering high quality dedicated software and individual IT solutions.
Vm.pl designs its own branded products such as: interactive publication creators, diagnostic systems,
publishing process management systems.
By offering functional IT solutions, the company supports businesses, publishers and educational institutions in efficient resources management and usage as well as it is spreading knowledge. For the last 12 years, Vm.pl has successfully realised over 475 projects for more than 66 clients.


Mobile interactive publications

The tools created by Vm.pl transform traditional textbooks, children’s books, workbooks into interactive publications for computers, tablets and smart phones…

Diagnostic systems

The diagnostic systems carry out the evaluation process, compare the results within a population, present individual evaluation for each student and prepare dedicated sets of education materials for individual needs...

Mobile content editor

We have many years of experience in creating editing tools. Our editor works on-line, and can use resources from any operating systems. Anybody is able to create interactive content, after only 2-days training...

Publishing management system

Our tool organises the overall process of managing a publishing house: monitoring the production stages, costs monitoring, payroll calculation…

IT Outsourcing

If you want to develop new piece of software, create a modification to existing one or need just a part-time programmer to do on-demand work – we are here for you! We can provide you with our programmers to solve your problems.

Software Development

If you would like to create a software for your company, design a web/mobile app for a product to sell – this is the place. Our experience gives us an edge in education and publishing industries.




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